Final Perspective Drawing

CAM00020 (1)
CAM00020 (1)

1. One thing I learned specifically during the process of drawing the room was how to make things appear as if they are out of the paper. I used to to if I’d ever draw make it all flat. This skill will help me in the future by helping me draw things for the rest of the school year in class.

2. Learning to add 3d to make flat shapes helped my drawings because otherwise I don’t have an image of a classroom. Are classrooms flat? Is the environment of a classroom flat? Is our vision? No. Making my work 3D has shown the real parts of the room we see every b band. I would fail if I was unable to make my drawing 3D.

3. If I did this assignment differently, I’d love to find a better way to make a table and chair. I had a hard time and look somewhat poor. There is always room for improvement, otherwise why would we be doing this?

4. If I were to tell someone about perspective drawing, I’d say panicking is the worst thing to do. When you really work it starts looking special but just saying how do we do this impossible work will do nothing but hurt the potential of your work and educational discipline.

5. A resource that helped me other then time was if you were stuck you could ask a friend to assist you in whatever you need help in. I needed help with my window to the left. I asked a friend how I go about doing that and it helped a lot.