Final Perspective Drawing

2014-04-18 23.25.43
2014-04-18 23.25.43
This is my 3rd quarter drawing project. I had learned many things that I did not know before. I learned how to make draw and make objects appear 3-D. I was never good at 3-D drawing, especially when it came to objects, but now I feel like I had mastered it to my liking. Most importantly, I had learned about the vanishing point.
Those things that I learn are all connected as one thing, because without knowing them, I would never had been able to draw anything close to what I had did. There are simple rules that are needed to follow and I felt that the vanishing point, and although it's small and does not appear in the drawing, it's what actually helped create the drawing itself. 
If I was to do the assignment again, I would certainly color it in, darken the edges and lines, and shade it in. I feel that would make my drawing more eye catching and add a nice mood to it. I believe colors can really make a piece of drawing come alive.
One point perspective drawing can be very challenging, but I feel if you know the basics, such as what the vanishing point is, birds eye view, worms eye view, etc, is basically all you need to know in order to make an awesome one point perspective drawing!

Resources that helped me a lot throughout this drawing would be the link, my art teacher, Ms.Hull had provided us, and the lesson she had on drawing room. I feel that having a helping start such as learning how to draw doors and windows helped a lot. Also the link, "Prospective Step by Step" was actually step by step on how to draw the room that Ms.Hull had did herself. I felt that without it, I would be really lost when drawing, especially when it comes to drawing windows. The link and Ms.Hull's help was all the resources I used and felt I needed. 

This drawing assignment was surprisingly fun for me, and I never thought I could draw something, especially not a room! Yet I did and had all the help and materials I needed.