Final Perspective Drawing

art drawing
art drawing
a. What is one thing that you learned specifically that you did not know before?

I learned a lot from this project. One of the most important things that I learned was the use of a horizon line and vanishing point to make objects look three dimensional and in perspective.

b. How did leaning this thing make your drawings better?

I felt that, after using these two tools, all of my objects looked real and proportional.

c. If you did this assignment again, what would you do differently?

I would take more time with the details. One of my classmates did every last detail, and even colored the drawing in, exceeding expectations and going above and beyond. If I had access to materials as well as more time, I would do that.

d. What is your advice to someone who has never drawn a one point perspective drawing before?

I would tell them never to let go of the ruler. Their ruler is their friend, and they always need to be checking for angling, straightness, and connection to other points in the drawing. I would also tell them to use and trust their observer's eyes, see the drawing like an artist would, and try to figure out what 'looks wrong.' That can make or break a drawing.

e. What resource helped you the most and why?

Miss Hull taught me about using all of these tools, and helped me see things that I wouldn't have been able to see on my own. Also, she made sure that our drawings looked right, using her experience to guide us through this very difficult painting. In the end, rulers and pencils and erasers can only be used by a person who has been taught by Miss Hull.