Final Perspective drawing

One new thing that I learned was that when you draw something like a window or any object, you have to make the part going farther back smaller or at a slight angle because things that are farther away, are smaller.   This made my drawings better because they looked more realistic.  If everything was the same size it wouldn't be or look visually correct.  

If I did this assignment again I think one thing I would do differently is give myself more time outside of class to work on this project so that at the end of the project and during the class periods I wasn't as stressed.  It would also help me from rushing through the project.

My advice for someone who has never done a one point perspective drawing is to always have an eraser and a ruler on hand, because they will be used a lot.  I would also just tell them to not get

stressed out when they mess up because you can just erase it and do it again.  

One of the most helpful resources for me was the slide deck that Ms.Hull made and my eraser.  Sometimes it was hard to figure out what to do next so the slide deck was a big help. There was so many times that I messed up because the lines weren't straight or they weren't the same distance apart, so my eraser was extremely useful.

photo (2)
photo (2)