Final Perspective Drawing

Art Room Drawing
Art Room Drawing
​a. What is one thing that your learned specifically that you did not know before.
I learned that the slanted lines are called orthogonals; I never knew that term before. 

b. How did leaning this thing make your drawings better.

I learned how to use the orthogonals correctly to make my drawing be the best it could be. 

c. If you did this assignment again, what would you do differently?

If provided more time, I would've colored my drawing. I am content with my work and wouldn't change anything. 

d. What is your advice to someone who has never drawn a one point perspective drawing before?

Be very careful. I've done perspective since 8th grade and have always disliked it. I am very OCD-like and my art allows me to be free and perspective is very restraining on my artwork. I would give the advice of watching what you draw; every line shows. 

e. What resource helped you the most and why?

My friends have helped me the most. I would ask them if my drawing was crocked or off and they would help me with it to get it to look right.