Final Perspective Drawing

1)  ​I learned that I draw with a heavy hand, and while this is not necessarily a bad thing, when I rest my hand on the paper it smudges the pencil and makes it not look as good.
2)  Drawing this made my understanding of one point perspective better and therefore will help my drawings in the future.  Before, while I knew how to draw it, I did not know that, when drawing a box, there are three types one lines: horizontal, vertical, and orthagonal.  I did know to draw those lines, but knowing that there are only 3 will help me make sure that I do not make a mistake because I think it looks right, while it is not.
3)  I would have drawn the floor tiles in light pencil.  I started doing this but ran out of time and had to erase it.
4)  Remember the three lines!  If you do not remember them, your drawing will turn out disproportionate  and skewed.
5)  My best resource was my mind and my memory.  In 6th grade I had done a cityscape in one point perspective, and the pointers my art teacher had given me then helped me the most.
Photo 2
Photo 2