Final Perspective Drawing

1. I learned during this project that it's OK to draw some things in non-horizontal lines while drawing in one point perspective as long as it's a flat surface, like a picture.

2. Applying this lesson made my painting more detailed by making it possible to add 2D elements, such as the painted ceiling tiles leaned against the window or the heart illustration on the wall.

3. If I did this project again, I would use the X method to find the center point instead of using math, which took a lot longer, and I would add more details, such as more stools or floor/ceiling patterns.

4. My advice for someone new to one point perspective would be to always have either horizontal lines, vertical lines, or lines that lead to the center point.

5. The resource that helped me the most was Ms. Hull's example presentation on one point perspective. When I was stuck on part of the project, I could refer back to that document and see where I went wrong and what I should change.