Final Perspective Drawing

1. I learned one to draw a stool, and I did not know how to do that before. But I I saw one way to do it, and it will be helpful for if I draw another room or table.

2. I dont draw that much, but learning this while doing it helped me improve my project as I did it. But I will be able to draw more 3d objects than I used to. I am far from perfect at this, but it will be an improvement.

3. I would work on the tables and stools first, because they still look far from what I would have liked them to look like. Then, I would move onto the sinks and cabinets. I would also make sure I completely understand how to use the vanishing point before Ms. Hull left.

4. I would tell them to just do your best. I would tell them to look at how-to-draws for certain objects, but not to be afraid to make mistakes.

5. I think the internet may have helped me the most since it had the how-to guide, and you could look up how to draw certain things. But it might have been Ms. Hull, because she gave me advise, and told me when and where I was wrong during the drawing process0417142303a.jpg