Final Perspective Drawing

Art Class
Art Class

While working on this project, I’ve learned that keeping a one point perspective while drawing is difficult and very important. While I was drawing this, I constantly messed up because the perspective of the drawing varied each time I added a new object to the picture. Some orthagonal lines were not connected to the center and some horizontal lines were at a slope. In order for the picture to look right, each object had to have correct, straight lines and each object had to have correct visual representations because everything was in a different place in relation to the center point. By learning this, it made my drawing to turn out better. If each object had lines that weren't straight, the drawing would look crooked and as if multiple people were looking at it from multiple angles. This would defeat the purpose of the drawing being from a one point perspective.

If I had to redo this assignment, I would definitely focus more on how it looked. Some objects weren’t drawn to scale, now that I look at it, and I think I spent too much time on things of a lesser importance. I wouldn’t focus so much on the details as I had tried to do this time because I feel as though the perspective should be most important. After I get the perspective right, the details would just fall into place. If I had to give advice to someone who hadn't done this project before, I would say that they should use their eyes to most determine the way the drawing should look. Your eyes are the best way of making the drawing look the proper perspective and the best in relation to how the room actually looks.

The resources that helped me the most are my eyes and the ruler. My eyes helped me because I had to determine how the room looked, how to represent it on paper properly, and how to make sure that the perspective was mostly correct. The ruler helped me take what I was looking at and draw it. It helped me make straight lines, proper scales and neat objects.