Final Perspective Drawing

I have learned a lot about art this year. For one, I am not a grand artist. I never had that "artist eye". However, during this course I was able to find my inner artist, my inner perspective. The most important thing I have learned about art is, its how you see it. Drawing isn't a correct or incorrect message, it's the view of the person that makes it. 

From this I was able to use four very important tools to make my drawing the greatest it could be, a pencil, multiple erasers, a ruler and my mind. I was able to view the room for which I drew in a whole different way once I started. It became a drawing for which I was proud of to call mine. 

There were multiple things I would do differently, for one, I would work on my couch and table more. I was in a rush when I made them so it was not a Picasso object. I would also work more on my floor. I feel as though I did not complete the floor greatly, which I wish I could redo again. 

If anyone were to make a perspective drawing, I would give them one rule: use your artist eye. That's really all you need. You do not need to be the greatest, you just need to use your ruler and your one point and you will do fine. 

Honestly, my viewing of the drawing was the greatest measure for completing my drawing. The website Ms. Hull gave me was great as well, yet I really would not be able to accomplish such a great drawing as this one without a intense look at the classroom around me.