Final Perspective Drawing

photo1 (5)
photo1 (5)
During this project I learned a lot on perspective drawing. I did not know there was so much you had to do, so many lines to draw. I learned how to make ceilings and make it look as if everything is getting smaller. Learning how to draw perspective made my drawings more accurate and more realistic. Now instead of just drawing random lines I use a ruler to make sure everything looks straight. 

If I could do this project again I would of erased less to make the drawing look cleaner. I would also put a little more detail into the room and not just keep it so blank. But it was really fun learning how to draw something new and different from what I would usually draw. 

If you want to get into perspective I would suggest using the internet to your advantage. Look up tutorials, tips and tricks on how to draw perspective. Also make sure all your lines are straight or else everything will look crooked. While I was drawing my piece, YouTube was really helpful. Also the site that Ms.Hull provided for our class, giving us a step by step tutorial.