Final Perspective Drawing Orange Stream 2013 Perspective

Before I started this unit, I didn't know anything about art, except lines and horizons. When my teacher told my 9th grade class that we had to draw her room, we all we over whelmed. Before we got started, we did the basics. I learned what orthogonal lines were and how to draw figures and objects 3D. I also learned how to be patient and that messing up comes with perfection.
Learning this information helped me to draw my room. It helped me because now that I can draw things like helper lines, it can help guide me in the direction in which I am supposed to be.
If I were to do this assignment again, I would choose a different wall to draw. I would because I would like to know the process of each wall and how my classmates handled their art work.
The advice I would give someone who is about to draw a one point perspective drawing...? I would tell them to take their time, expect mistakes to happen, and be patient. All these things would help them to have a great drawing.
I would say my classmates and Ms.Hull helped me the most. I say that because without the help of others and the guidance of my teacher, I would most likely have a worst drawing.