Final Portfoilio

During the course of the first quarter we were introduced to many different religions and cultures that are practiced all around the world. Near the end of the course we were assigned a benchmark on the unit, I choose Buddhism, and Hinduism and my topic was on the afterlife. During the process of completing this assignment I was very amazed and interested in those two religions, not only because it was different from my religion but because of it’s background and how people practice it. For example, in Buddhism there is no god Siddhartha Gautama is commonly known as the Buddha (the awakened one). He is recognized as the awakened teacher who shared his knowledge to help others end suffering and escape the cycle of suffering and rebirth. To understand another culture, you should to try it through your own eyes, even though I may not have experienced Buddhism first hand I was amazed on how Buddhism makes you see the ways of your actions and make you rethink of the world around you. Which helped me come to the realization that religion can be influenced through knowledge of others and through the resources given to us.

Now that we have discussed religion, lets move to revolutions. In this unit we discussed how revolutions were caused and how they have changed over time. For example, in the French Revolution the people of France demanded change and a more meaningful life, they believed in a better way to live.