Final Portfolio

When I walked in to World History the beginning of my sophomore year, I expected it to be a repeat of my 6th grade history class. Wars, battles, maps, boring boring boring. But, it was actually the complete opposite. This World History class was filled with different types of history from revolutions to plays, trials to sweatshops. It was a World History was a mixed breed, it was in fact a mut. And every class was a learning experience that I could never forget.

Belief systems indicate a major amount of assumptions and personal beliefs dealing with a combination of religion and philosophy. When discussing human rights ideas were pitched and thrown around of what exactly human right were, what was fair and what humans deserved. I personally pointed out in this assignment I explained how certain punishments like prison will not always help a murderer or a drug dealer and they have the right to be put into a facility rather than a prison. They have a right to a choice if anything. I also explained how some of my ideas related to The Constitution of Human Rights and how some rights in certain areas should be justifiable to be in touch with reality. In order to understand yourself, you have to understand others. If you judge someone based off of what someone told you, you’ll never know what the real situation is unless you’ve talked to that person. Certain things aren’t understandable if you haven’t gone through them yourself. Other things, you just have to have the mindset to put your beliefs and assumptions to the side, to hear someone else’s point of view whether it be through word of mouth or a creditable book.

This year in World History has brought out a lot of opinions and different perspectives on various things. In our very own debates and discussions in class I’ve found it personally to be hard to agree with or understand what someone else has to say, but going through all of these units has makes you think about things differently. This reminds me of the Scientific Revolution unit where the was a quote that said “The things that we may find to be small or of less importance can turn into something bigger because of the way people take things."It makes you think twice about saying things because you know so much about everything. 

One of my favorite quotes from the “What Is Enlightenment” unit was "Enlightenment is opening up your perspective or changing your view of things. To have a purpose." That quote itself explains so much, if you dont open your mind and eyes to new things, you’re perspective will be the same for everything. That’s one thing I loved about that unit because it was so true.

We read a book during fourth quarter called All Things Fall Apart. We had to find proverbs throughout the book and analysize them. There was one proverb specifically and this is what I got out of it. "Don't forget to be humble, even if your life is good. Be determined and it will happen." I felt like that quote was really important because even if all is going well for you it could easily change if you’re too proud. Humbling yourself and being determined will get you farther then looking down on those who don’t have it like you.

By the end of the quarter, looking through my journal for this project I came upon two of my favorites. Journal entries 3 and 5 which said:

"I don't believe its acceptable to criticize anyones culture if its what they believe in and how they choose to live their lives. However if it puts you and other people in danger, whether i be physically or emotionally, then it is wrong." 

"A person can't learn for you, you have to learn for yourself."

I believe those quotes sum up a good amount of everything that has been taught to me in this class. Everything is laid out for you, but it’s your choice to take the chance and run with it. 

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 12.08.37 PM
Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 12.08.37 PM