Final Portfolio

World History Final Portfolio 2014

Social change happens when a revolution is started. 

There have been many different revolutions and many different types. During our world history class we discussed these themes and topic. I found the revolution units especially interesting. "I think revolutions are interesting because they make the world what they are today." A moment in the year that stood out to me was writing in my journal after we looked at and talked about he Past Of Protest. When I was writing in my journal I was thinking about all the different ways and methods people used when fighting for their rights/freedom. I continued to think about how this impacted the world, and what would have happened if people didn't stand up for what they believe in. 

 One thing that we explored on our own in class was a unit on an organization that created shirts."People have to believe in the product to become hooked on it. " This organization wanted to explain the process behind how the t-shirt was made. This might not seem like a type of revolution but I believe that it is. "Behind the T-shirt is a industry." One thing that is in the world of T-shirts was the collapse of the garment building in Bangladesh. When cracks were discovered on the bottom floors people were told not to go near the building, but the next day the factory workers were ordered to go back and work. The building collapsed during rush hour that morning. 1,129 people were killed. A few day after the building collapsed the factory workers form all around Bangladesh rioted destroying cars and buildings and factories. I believe that the people were right to do that, because there is no excuse what happened. I'm going to assume that they were also upset because they are paid one of the lowest wages  in the world (80 dollars a month/who can support a family on that?) and the condition they work under aren't safe at all. I think that this qualifies as a type of revolution. These people were fighting against something that they thought was wrong and wanted changed. The fighting didn't just stop with destroying buildings and cars. A few days later thousands of people protest in the streets. They were demanding safe working conditions and better wages. 

 Current events can be understood by people's opinions. 

Later in the year our world history class had a discussion on if we thought child labor was acceptable or unacceptable. My perspective on the matter was: "I think child labor is unacceptable in any circumstance." We also had to come up with one question to ask the class. Before posting my response to the question I read what some of my classmates had written. Some people thought it was acceptable where as others thought it unacceptable, But what I noticed was each response was different and I thought that was really cool, because you could literally learn something new from each person, response or question. This goes for all the discussion we've ever in class. The question I posed to the class was: "does having children work in these condition effect them in the long run?"


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