Final Portfolio

Learn, change, lead. That is the motto of the World History class. This year was very tough for me as a student. However, coming into the World History class has really changed my perspective on global views and societal problems. It was also very relieving for me to be in such of a prestigious course. My general understandings of the course are that creativity is built with experience and imagination, and in order for one to understand oneself, they must step outside their comfort zone to build a better self-sense of everything around them. Those two general understandings has changed me forever.

When you have seen all kinds of things and had many experiences, it has really made my work shine. In my play, The Rolling Spray Paint Cans, It tells the tale of four young teenagers trying to survive in the 1980’s graffiti-clogged New York City. This was my idea for the playwriting project where I worked with Ms. Kate for several months. “Oh. I didnt realize you were going through decline. Im sorry. Lets just finish this tag.” That is a line from my play while the two was working on a piece of art in Harlem. While I was working on this play, I had done further research on graffiti art, specifically on the New York subway trains in the late 70’s to the mid 80’s. I also took an opportunity to work with spray paint in The Philadelphia Mural Arts Summer camp program. It was awesome. I combined the history with graffiti and street art and the experience of spray painting into account when writing this play.

During the first quarter, we wrote monologues about the Keystone XL pipeline. This time around, we had to perform our monologues as well. I was usually not the person to get up in front of a crowd of people and perform. But, for the fact that I felt comfortable to do it made all the difference. In my monologue, I play a father on his way home to see his daughter in her senior year of high school. He is on the phone while riding the train. “I'll be.., Dinner? Might have to order pizza again. I know it’s the 3rd time this week, but Its all we can afford at the moment.” He is also struggling to pay bills while working at a low-pay job as he noticed the opportunity to get the job if the Keystone XL pipeline project is passed. But then he noticed that the real jobs are far out and he would have to move. But he knew that there was a chance the pipeline would not get approved, so he backed out of another business scheme.

In the end, this class has given me a perspective like no other. The playwriting project gave me a chance to teach others about the NYC war on graffiti and change. The monologue writing has given me confidence in standing up in front of a crowd and doing a performance and public speaking as well. Other honorable mentions of experiences during the course is when we had meditated for 2 minutes as a class, the Sweatshop Trial, the Cortes Trial, and The Somebodies poem. All In all I am happy to be a part of this experience and am looking forward to next class. At the Bottom Of the post is some of my work. Please take some time to check it out!

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 10.45.24 AM 1
Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 10.45.24 AM 1

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Elizabeth Menasion (Teacher)
Elizabeth Menasion

Kevin, your final portfolio quite impressive. It really does reflect personal growth and sheds light on what a smart and thoughtful person you are. I love how you tapped into your experience with mural arts when writing your play. Keep up the great work!