Final Portfolio

The passion and struggles people experience and go through when trying to make a change, whether or not the change actually happens, can make a country or group of people stronger in the end as a whole. 


During World History this year we focused on the the cultures, traditions, and religions of people all over the world. The topics were always broad and left for us to make opinions about. The commonality all of the topics, I at least saw, was that there was a significant change in the strength of a country or a group as a whole after experiencing some type of change that either benefitted or threatened their culture, traditions, or religion. 

Through the year, there were many assignments I was proud of, but the following  that I have chose to share with you are ones I feel will help portray to you the overall idea I got from this year’s research, as explained above. 

The first assignment I chose to share is a journal entry (page 1) that speaks to the idea of when it is appropriate to criticize another culture. I felt this was important to include because a lot of change that happens upon a country, culture, or religion stems from the criticism of one person. History has shown that in the past that different religions or cultures weren’t respected by one another for being different, but that they were changed. 

The second assignment I chose to share is also a journal entry (page 2). This one speaks to the idea of believing in something strongly enough that you are willing to die for it. I felt this was important to include because this initial passion that causes for countries or groups of people to fight back during these changes are what helps things like revolutions. Without this passion, a lot of different religions, cultures, and countries would have been ripped from their roots and changed even more than they are today. 

The third assignment is another journal entry (page 3). This one is a response to a poem called The White Man’s Burden. My poem is called What Is The White Man’s Burden. It speaks to Natives and how I interpreted their feelings were towards the changes happening to their culture. I felt as though this was important to include because it gives everything a new perspective. It shows how those who are being changed feel about everything. 

The fourth assignment I chose to include is a written response to the French / Haitian Revolution (page 4). I felt as though this was extremely important to include because it focuses on revolutions. Revolutions happen when changes are trying to made and aren’t wanted. For revolutions to even start there needs to be that initial passion, spoken about before. It talks about what makes a revolution successful or not and I believe that after looking at several different revolutions, there is one thing in common. Whether or not the revolution was successful, and regardless of if the goal of the revolution was accomplished , there is still always strength gained after the revolution is over. There needs to be a lot of passion to even begin a revolution and even more to carry one out. Revolutions also come along with a lot of struggles, but this causes so much strength to be gained. 

The fifth assignment I decided to include is a poem called The Somebodies (page 5). I felt as though this was important to include because it gives example to the passion that is talked about. It feels as though you are reading from a person who is passionate about a change happening to them.

My sixth and final assignment I chose to include is my quarter 4 benchmark. It is a colonialism exhibit based on Ireland. I feel as though it is a great way to sum up the year because it shows the process at which a country goes through during change. It portrays the passion and exemplifies the struggles. It shows both sides of the story and the strength gained after it all.