final project post

Isralie Cous Cous 

Olive Oil-2 tbps

Parmasan cheese - sprinkle

Grape tomatos


hot pepper flakes


First you heat the olive oil on a low heat

Add the cous cous to the dish along with the mixture

Cook until it gets hot, make sure to stir constantly

turn heat down when it looks ready 

put in bowl

Either refrigerate or eat :)

When this dish is made the serving size 3/4 cups has about 200 calories and 15 grams of protein

During this unit, i've learned a lot about various topics that relate to food. I learned about foods that can destroy my body and foods that can help my body. My role in the larger food system is to eat as healthy as possible. I mainly live on a green diet and eat a lof organic tofu, no meat. The biggest problem with our food system is that its too expensive to eat healthy food so a lot of people cant afford to live a healthy lifestyle. I don't want to change my diet maybe. Im not making any changes to my diet. 

Personal Reflection 
Eating healthy has been important to me since the start of 11th grade. This unit was interesting, I feel as though it helped people engage themselves and learn about foods that they would have never thought to eat before. Everyone always says that veganism is hard and disgusting. But it's delicious and one of the healthiest diets in the world. Most food places are becoming more vegan friendly, now vegan doesn't always mean healthy. For example Oreos are vegan but they're full of calories and fat. But many vegan foods are good, like what I made. It's full of protein and low in calories. I hope that this unit did as much for others as it did for me. 

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