Final Slide-Islam

1 Slide Project (3)

     The criticism I got from my classmates for my slide didn’t impact me as much as the criticism Ms. Hull gave me. I didn’t want to continue on with the theme I had but I did it anyways. My slide was a very spread out collage that I had no confidence in presenting in front of the class. Ms. Hull told me that if I wanted to make a collage then go for it. I had to get rid of the white spaces and “make people look at everything at once”. Those are exactly the changes I made.

     I stuck to the composition video on youtube that explained how pictures should intersect at the four intersecting points and the slide tutorial video that explained how important pictures are in a presentation as my sources. There is a numerous amount of different pictures explaining different things that all tie to one main topic.

     My slide may or may not have improved but this time I have a little bit more confidence in myself. I learned that slide making takes time and effort and the smallest things are actually a big deal. From the videos and websites I gained much knowledge on how to make my slide better in the future. I thank these videos and the people behind the voice overs, but most importantly, Ms.Hull.