Final Stamp Design

Creating this stamp, I wanted to think of a symbol that, obviously, symbolizes me. I thought, what would be a better symbol than myself? So I wanted to highlight key features of myself that makes me, myself.

Previously, we were given the assignment to come up with three symbols. The symbols were supposed to match the adjective that you chose to describe yourself. I had few adjectives, but the ones that stood about to me were Affectionate, Generous, and Reliable. For affectionate, it was a figure with open arms. For generous, I drew a figure of open hands reaching out. For reliable, I simply drew a flexing arm in a fist. I didn’t feel as though any of the symbols really got out what I wanted to depict. So I decided to create myself.


In my design, the negative and positive space both are used to highlight my features. I cut out the positive space which is my hair, and other facial features.  To contrast, I left negative space to highlight the features.

Understanding positive and negative space was a really slow process for me personally. I had an idea, but I would always get confused when I would try it out on my design. I used inspiration from others, realizing that they were simply cutting out the spaces that they colored in to highlight the spaces they weren’t cutting.