Final Stamp Design

The smiley face and the frowny face are both part of a venn diagram, which symbolizes the concept of finding the middle path, or accepting what is while accepting what needs to change. The pencil represents my love of art, as well as writing (which is also an art). The thought bubble represents my philosophical side, and how my mind is constantly going at 100 mph (This is where the exclamation point comes into play). The rainbow is a display of my extreme gayness. And then there are some hidden secrets to this design, that you will only understand if you know me quite well.  I had to draw this out multiple times, and get past the grueling criticism of my friends, before deciding on this design. First, I had to come up with a list of ten words that describe me. This seemed a daunting task at the start, but I quickly wrote down over 15 words. Then, I was faced with the instruction to narrow down the list to three. This was where I handed the computer with my list on it to a close friend, who proceeded to highlight the qualities on the list that best describe me. Positive and negative space play an important role in my design, because of the distinction between the image and its background. I got really stuck with trying to have the confidence to include a few specific symbols on here. And I got really really stuck with how to turn the image into positives and negatives. The words I originally used were: Creative, Emotional, Philosophical, Hyper, Cringeworthy, Queer in all meanings of the word, Activist, Flawed, Extreme, Goofy, Impulsive, and Intelligent. All of these ended up incorporated into the design somehow.