Final Stamp Design


Flowers can symbolize many things but what I focused on was happiness, paradise and life. I say life because life is kind of like a flower. A flower has to grow to become beautiful but at some point that comes to an end. This is a Hawaiian flower where it is breezy and your at paradise. Usually flowers can symbolize love because you can get someone flowers for many occasions and it usually brings happiness. When using negative and positive space it can bring out a lot in a design. It makes the object in the image very noticeable. In this image the flower is the main subject. Sometimes it can be confusing because you wouldn’t know which space is negative and which is positive. I see it as the negative space is the background and small details in an object, for positive it is the actual object. I got stuck trying to decide whether I wanted the flower to be the darker shade or the lighter shade. In the end, my image turned out to be a beautiful pink Hawaiian flower.