Final Stats Podcast

Final Stats Podcast
​Group Members
Robert Jenkins 
Markietra Keese
Martez Card 
Niyala Brownlee

What Our Group Discussed:

Chapters 7,8,9, and 10.

How We Discussed It:

We basically just threw at dart at the topic of lying with percentages and based most of the discussion about that as that was what most of the chapters were about. We also discussed how people should do their research before just buying a product so that they can be sure they are getting what they want and need.  

Any Points of Conflict/Disagreement In Discussion:

We agreed that using percentages could help companies because it could hide a large number by having such a low percent. We also agreed that people cannot be mad about a product or anything that they have purchased if they didn't do any of their own research to make sure it was what they needed and wanted.