Maysa Wright's Final Steps for the Element Print

The name of my element is Arsenic and the atomic number is 33.  Arsenic was mined by the early Egyptian, Greek, and Chinese civilizations. Most people believe that arsenic was discovered by Albertus Magnus in 1250. He was a German alchemist. Arsenic is poisonous and it is used to make rat poison and insecticides. I got the idea for my image because arsenic is poison and that what I used for my print. For the process of making this print first I sketched it out a couple of times. Once I found the drawling I wanted to draw I drew it on a piece of thin paper. After that I traced the drawling on the a piece of foam but backwards so it would come out the correct way on the final print. Then I rubbed the paint of the foam and printed it on a white piece of paper. When I finished printing I ripped off the the extra paper on the sides of my prints and I got two pieces of construction paper and matted two of my prints and left the last print unmatched. If I could have done this differently I would have ripped off the extract paper on the sides because you could tell the weren't clean rips if you look on the print. I found printing most interesting because I liked using the different colors for each print to see how nice you drawling was.