Final Stroke

        This quarter in art I kind of went in my own direction and got caught up in my artist recreation. I decided to do some of Andy Warhol's work. By now if you have been keeping up with my other art blogs you would know that he has become a favorite of mine. His pop art style is so eye catching, and to me, explains my personality.  The vivid colors are really my favorite part.  I chose to recreate the gun photo because it was so unique and I thought that it would be a challenge for me. It is an exact model of his work except for my own little touch I threw in. I have always been a fan on textured painting and as my last piece of art in SLA , I wanted to at least get a chance at it.  The pink background to me is the most beautiful thing I think I 've created. I mixed the colors myself,  tested and chose the exactly brush that I felt gave the stroke design I wanted, even down to the blotches of pink in some areas were all my creating.
        This year in art has really inspired me, it has brought out my artistic quality more than I ever imagined it would.  The thing I love most about art though is the class itself, being able to go at your own pace and have the freedom to create whatever you want is the best. Leaving SLA, I love Ms. Hull with all my heart, she has given me a new outlook on teacher-student relationships as well as art.  I always had it settled that when I went to college, I was going to stop my art. Now, I will go off if I don't get a teacher like Ms. Hull.
          My four years here are done, and its been great. : )