Financial Boundaries

This man, my father, Tony Tran at the age of 48 now have went through every struggle that involves with having problems with his finances. 

During this project what I learned was that most people, they don’t all of a sudden have good finances. What I learned was that you have to figure it out yourself and if you need help then call somebody to help you with your situation. During this process I learned more about editing audio using something other than garageband. Also I have learned to strengthen my weakness of interviewing people because sometimes I can be really shy when I have to record myself interviewing somebody. What I have discovered from my dad was that he was alone at the times of his struggles. I always thought he had someone by his side helping him solve his problems, but instead they avoid helping him and left him to solve it for himself.

Well when it comes to crossing boundaries I have learned a little bit of what it means, when I was interviewing my father. I think the meaning of crossing boundaries is to take the problem and solve it, but not solve it and then learn nothing from it. You have to learn something during the process of crossing a boundary. Also during this interview I get to learn the other side of my father, the side where I never get to see before. The side where he is actually alone all of his life for everything, even to the part he got married and started his own family. Well last but not least my strengths for this project was starting a conversation. If the interview doesn’t have a conversation it wouldn’t be an interview. My weakness is that I have trouble making good questions. I think during the time where I was creating the questions to ask I didn’t have enough inspiration to create great question. The next project with an interview I should take my time brainstorming good questions to ask my interviewee.

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