​ Flooding Down the Road - Science Fair Project: Reflection


I wanted to know the which terrain between sand, dirt, concrete, and clay would be able to absorb the most and the least amount of water.


I reviewed the roughness of the terrain, and I also found the densities of the materials to have most of the factors taken into account.


I worked with the many people, my science teacher Mr. Sherif, an intern from Drexel Ms. Kelly Brandt, and my father Dell Meriwether. I also practiced by presenting to other students in SLA, they gave me the feedback I needed to grow and explain my project much better.


They way I presented left an early understanding about how this project can be used to help the environment.


I feel that the modifications necessary for this project are both a need for more realistic situation for this project. I feel that the materials I used a very small amount of the amount of the items that might have worked in the real world, If I could I would try using many more materials and testing different outcomes.

My project :