Focusing on Your Strengths

Most people are painfully aware of their weaknesses. This can lead to depression and a lack of motivation to reach their full potential. There is nothing wrong with wanting to turn your weakness into strengths, but really every single person is full of strong characteristics. Recently I have realized how important it is to consider your own strengths and allow that to help motivate you. It isn’t good to think about your good qualities in a prideful way, but in a healthy way that can benefit your mental wellbeing.

One of the strengths that I have realized about myself is my tendency to be open-minded. I’m usually willing to listen to reason and not jump to conclusions. Many people are willing to talk to me about personal matters because they know that I won’t judge them right away. This has positively affected my life because it has caused me to form many strong relationships with my friends and family members.

Another strength that I have noticed about myself is my inquisitive mindset. I love to think about why things are the way they are. This mindset is one of the reasons why I don’t ever like to give up. I always want to get to the end and learn from it. It has helped me a lot in life, and it is probably one of the major reasons that I’m at SLA right now.

The third, and last, strength that I’m going to highlight about myself is my dedicated and hardworking nature. I don’t give up on projects and I always want to do my best in all the areas of my life. In school, this sometimes backfires on me and I end up in a group that makes me do all the work, but more often it makes people want to work with me because they know I won’t let them down and I will do my part to the best of my ability. This is something that I really like about myself. It’s really nice to think that people feel like they can depend on you.

After writing this, I have realized how good this was for me. This has helped me to develop a more positive image of myself because I usually focus more on my weaknesses than my strengths. I would suggest that everyone take some time to focus on their strengths and build a healthy self-image. It has helped me and I'm sure it would help every one else too.