The food was organic and none of it was processed. Since the food was organic my body should fair well with the ingredients in the chicken. There is some fat in the chicken, not much though, so my body should be able to burn off the fat. If I were to eat this everyday a health issue could be high cholesterol and I could become fat. My rice came from Wisconsin or some western state so that is pretty far. I'm not sure where the chicken came from but the rice was also organically grown. The environmental impact would be the flight from there to here. The chicken was about 10 dollars. However in comparison to a McDonalds chicken sandwich that is great. A chicken sandwich at McDonalds cost around 6 - 7 dollars. This was enough chicken for 4 sandwiches. This was chicken from Trader Joes, I don’t think I can get a chicken, maintain and grow him to eventually eat him. So socially I don’t think there would be any ramifications because I don’t believe the chickens were abused and mistreated, however even if it was, most of society doesn’t care about who did what with the chicken, they just care about the fact they are eating it

What I learned:

I have learned a fair amount from this food course I seen most of the movie we've watched so I didn't see anything really new, however I did discover some new things or paid more attention to things that I haven't done so in the past. One of the larger problems I believe is the dominance of the food industry and how they effective they are within the government. Government isn't supposed to have industrial interest because they are the government. So seeing how many government officials has something to do with food or other things like that it kind of put me on edge and question the actual stability and how corrupt is our government in reality. SO one of the things I think I can actually do would be to actually change the way I eat. For a while I cut down on beef and other meats, however in the house that I am in now it would prove to be difficult because I come from a family of meat eaters. Not to mention that my favorite food is a nice old fashioned cheeseburger. However anything is possible and I wouldn't say I couldn't but it would be hard, but I am willing. At least until they stop feeding fish corn, I would feel a lot better if they stop feeding fish corn and take the cows out of the cow concentration camps.

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