Food Benchmark

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Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 10.02.01 PM
Self Reflection : 

 In the spot we are now as a society we are pressured into thinking that eating greens and being healthy is the only way to if you want to live longer. However that is countered by the daily reminder of how “amazing” fast food is. So how are we supposed to react to this? So are we suppose to fall prey to those daily advertisements of that perfect juicy burger, with a side of crispy French fries, and a fresh cool soda on the side? How is it that we are so pressured into finding healthy ways to eat and live when we aren’t able to get away from those type of advertisements. Are we really the ones who are supposed to just learn to say no? Or are we going to always put up that healthy diet for next week?

 Even though people like to blame those advertisements I think that what you put in your mouth, chew, and swallow is all up to you. Nobody is forcing you to eat fat, greasy foods. You are the one choosing to ignore all the side effects that all those meals will give you over time. In the end you are only really hurting yourself right? So why blame others for what you choose to do or eat? Now, I’m not saying that eating fast food is the worst thing in the world or that you shouldn’t eat it at all. All Im saying is that if you’re going to eat it constantly you shouldn’t blame advertisements. You should be able to realize that if you want to live a healthy lifestyle it is up to you to make those healthy choices.

 With this I feel like I myself need to change my choices on the different types of foods I eat. Even though my mom cooks home cooked meals every night I still choose to sometimes order out. So this goes to show that it will always be up to you to make your own choices and that even though those not so healthy choices will be up in your way you should be strong enough to say no and take the healthy route. I think that once I’m able to do that for a majority of the time then I will be able to live the healthy life. 

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