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Own Reflection


Coming into the food unit I knew nothing about food.  I learned a lot of fascinating facts about food. For example 90% of our food is made from corn.  As I was watching the Food, Inc documentary I felt very bad for the ways that animals had to be brought in to be slaughtered.  As I was riding home on septa I was having a conversation with my dad and stated to him that I watched Food, Inc documentary and said,  “I feel bad about what happens to the animals as they get brought in to get slaughtered,” so his response to me was are you going to stop eating meat and become vegetarian?


As a response to this comment I stated, “I can never become vegetarian and that I will always be a meat eater and that it would be very difficult for me to cut this out, even though it is killing animals.” According to the 10 Biggest Issues with the Global Food System, most of the problems in the food system stem from one gigantic problem concentration of power, land, wealth, and political influence in the hand of a few large players who have gamed the system for their benefit.  Some changes I could make to my food choices are to eat healthier.  The impact of these could help me lose weight and not have the health problems I currently have now such as being over weight, and having high blood pressure.  Yes I would be willing to make these changes because I want to have a healthy life and not to have continuous health problems in life.




Food Recipe Analysis:

The recipe of Fudge Brownie contains at least 75% of processed foods and approximately 25% of whole foods. A pinch of salt is 1/16 of tsp and 147 mg of sodium. I cup of flour contains 440 calories.  Four eggs contain 280 calories. One teaspoon of baking powder has 440 mg of sodium. Two teaspoons of vanilla contain 0.8 mg sodium, 24 calories, and 1 g of sugar. One cup of butter is 112 calories, 880 mg sodium, and 112 g fat.  One 12-ounce bag of chocolate chips has 1,680 calories and 96 g of fat. 

With a “sugar high” you are going to have one of two reactions. You are going to feel either happy and energetic or nauseous and drowsy.  This is because the amount of sugar intake is increasing the amount of insulin in a person’s body. The insulin is trying to dominate the sugar in your blood. Salt is somewhat healthy for the body; however, the problem with salt is not the salt itself but the condition of the salt that influences the quality of the product. Salt is considered a healing process to the human body.  Flour can cause glucose levels to rise that can lead to obesity.  Eggs are very healthy, full of lots of vitamins, proteins, and fats, which is able to help a person lose weight by controlling your hunger for the rest of the day. Semisweet chocolate is healthier than dark chocolate because it contains less sugar, lowers blood pressure, decreases cholesterol levels and lowers the chance of heart disease.






Food Directions:

1 package semisweet chocolate chips

Cup of butter




Baking powered





1.     Grease 9x13 inch baking pan: preheat oven to 375 degrees.

2.      Combine chocolate chips and butter in a large saucepan.

3.     Melt over low heat stirring, constantly, remove from heat. In a small bowl combine eggs, salt, sugar: blend well.  Add chocolate mixture blend well. Stir in flour, baking powder, and vanilla until well blended.

4.     Stir in nuts if desired.

5.     Pour into prepare pan bake 25 minutes  or until brownie begins to pull away from edge of pan.

6.     Let stand until cool. Cut into bars.

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