Food Project: Curry Chicken with rice


1 skinless whole chicken

curry powder



lemon juice

pepper (optional)

white rice


  1. Cut the chicken into edible bites.
  2. Clean the chicken by washing it and adding some lemon juice to it. This also helps with flavor.
  3. Turn the stove on high and place vegetable oil in a skillet to heat up.
  4. Season your chicken with salt, pepper, garlic, and curry powder.
  5. Once seasoned and once the oil has heated, place the chicken in skillet to cook for about 30 mins
  6. Half way through cooking time, boil rice. 
  7. Place the chicken over the rice and Enjoy.


My dish is able to me made organic or non-organic. I personally used non-organic items because they are cheaper. The whole chicken I used was processed so it was more than likely fed steroids and products to make it fat. A chicken on a proper diet prior to being butchered is considered an organic chicken. Removing salt from the chicken would also make it a healthier dish; alternatives such as accent are great substitutions for a better diet. Cooking the chicken in vegetable oil is great too.

The rice was actually rice that’s able to be cooked in a bag (cheap) , but their are healthier alternative.Using some sort of organic white rice would benefit you more. There’s a myth that brown rice is the better rice between the two , but it actually studies actually show that replacing all brown rice with white rice in your diet would lower your chances of diabetes. Sticking with the white rice is the best way to go!

Majority of the ingredients are simple seasonings and they are the main source for the taste of the food. Most should not be swapped out. They calories from the seasonings do add up, but they aren't too bad.

Overall, my dish is not unhealthy, but there are plenty of ways to make it healthier. Depending on your serving size, the meal is no more than 500 calories. I'm unsure what curry chicken would be like if it was baked, but it would not hurt to try it!


During this quarter, I learned a lot about the foods that I often consume. Just because it isn’t fast food, I assumed that it couldn’t be bad for you. I also gained understanding on what processed foods can do to your body over the course of years. People in their mid-years or older age tend to get problems such as heart disease from bad decisions from when they were younger.

Initially I had no plans of changing my diet but I do understand it would benefit my body. I tend to be sluggish and energy deprived, and I wondered if a better diet would change that. Over the next month, I plan on switching out foods for better alternatives to see what they do to me. 

Diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and more are common killers in America. We’re known to be greedy and it shows. I don’t want to become another statistic, so I plan on changing that.

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 11.13.57 PM
Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 11.13.57 PM