Fourth Quarter Advanced Art

For my final quarter advanced art portfolio I created 4 different art pieces of my choosing. The very first creation was a sketch of my choosing from the location of the Rodin museum. I chose to draw the base and part of the statue of the thinker. I wanted to create a sketch that allowed me to draw objects with perspective. Choosing to draw the base of a statue allowed me to be able to draw a simple shape heavy base of a statue. I then decided to draw a fractal because I love fractals. The simplicity and symmetrical of such designs seem to go all the way into infinity making it seem quite complicated. In the center I decided to create a few designs to make the picture liven up. My next project is kind of a big one. I started by creating an abstract painting the eventually became a idea of what would happen, and what the world would look like when trump becomes president. I then added several different abstract pattern drawing that I enjoy creating. My final art piece of this year was a bent piece of metal. I found it at school and decided that I could make a statue out of metal. When I finally created I wanted to add a little color. I very cautiously and carefully held it near a flame and as the fire touch the metal, it created a brownish slightly burned color. Overall I felt good and very proud about my art projects I made this quarter as well as all I made this year.