Fourth Quarter BM Portfolio, Reflection

Throughout the year, I have gone to a whole lot of English classes.  Over the course of these  classes, I have had many projects, and with each of them, I become a more confident English student.  When you read this portfolio, you will realize that I have a reason to be confident.  My writing ability has steadily grown over the year, and now it is your turn to see that transformation.

            While I have grown as an English student, I, like everybody, have weaknesses.  I still have trouble with recognizing what part of speech some words are, and other than that I have trouble with writing introduction paragraphs.  I am an avid reader, which helps me to read books and analyze their text accurately and quickly.

            The problems that I encountered while making this portfolio was mostly involving the amount of work that I had lost track of.  I still had the work, but it was a digital copy, so I had to get it re-edited.  Going back through all of this work was truly an amazing experience.  I thought looking back on all my work and seeing how much I’ve grown is a truly valuable experience.

            The piece I’m most proud of is my Macbeth character analysis.  I’m proud of this piece because it was my first BM in English.  I remember how I felt after completing it, and that feeling is why it was my favorite piece.