France, By Mike Jesse, and Andre

The two candidates running for the Presidential Election of France are Nicolas Sarkozy and François Hollande.
Nicolas Sarkozy is [now former] the President of France, Sarkozy is the former leader of Union for a Popular Movement  (UMP) and served as Minister of Interior for Dominique de Villepin's government (2005–2007).

François Hollande- Elected President of France as of May 6 2012, succeeding Nicolas Sarkozy.

1. What does it take to make you feel that a candidate is fit for the job?

2. What prompted you to come out and take part in this election?

3. What would you like to be changed in the way your government is run?

4. Do you feel that your vote will have an influence on who is elected?

Person 1:

#1. President needs to have a specific plan of action in solving
problems such as poverty, education, corruption,etc. He has to work
hard and well to achieve goals of the government. And he also
obviously needs to be intelligent.
 #2. I took part in the election because I wanted to help the right
candidate get elected.
 #3. I think the people should have more of a say in our government
and how it's run.
 #4. Yes, why not? I think everyone's vote counts, an even if the
candidate I want doesn't win, atleast I know I tried.
 #5. Yes I knew who I was going to vote for when I went in. I voted
for Sarkozy, because I really don't agree with Hollande's ideas, but I
don't really like Sarkozy either.
 #6. I try to vote at every election. I think it's important for young
people to vote.

Person 2:

#1. I think a good candidate can inspire unity, trust, and optimism
among the people by being a good and moral leader. I also think that
they are able to make right decisions for the common good, even if the
decision is unpopular.
 #2. I took part in the election because I wanted to show that I care
about my country and it's future and I wanted the right person to get
#3. I would like more equality, especially between men and women in
the working world. I also would like something to be done about taxes,
but they are only going to go up with Hollande as President. I also
think people should be more involved in governemnt decisions.
 #4. I hope my vote has makes an influence!
 #5. Yes, about a week before voting I didn't though. I kept going
back and fourth between Hollande and Sarkozy. Eventually I ended up
going with Hollande.
 #6. Yes, I vote at every election. I like to be extremely involved in
big decisions that are going to effect my life and my family's life.

Person 3:
#1. I think a president should be able to steer the country towards a
just and humane society, and knows how to get the country there. Also,
honesty is very important. Do what you say you're going to do.
 #2. This is actually the first election I was allowed to take part in
because I am German and so I was a french citizen until now so I'm
very excited for this election.
 #3. Well for me , personally, a big thing is equality. I've been
living in France for 10 years and paying taxes but I couldn't vote, I
don't think that's very fair.
 #4. 100%. I think everyone's vote counts.
 #5. Yes, I'm voting for Sarkozy. I think he's done a fairly good job
these past 5 years and I'd like to see what he will do the next 5.
 #6. No, I couldn't vote befoe but I do intend to vote at every
election now that I'm able to.

Similarities and differences in France and US Government

Both has presidents but serve in different ways

  • Elected every 4 years by the electoral college (which is in turn elected by the popular vote based on state population)
  • Can sign bills into law
  • Can veto bills
  • Is commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces
  • Nominates judges for the Supreme Court
  • Responsible for many Executive Branch Appointments
  • Can grant pardons

  • Elected every 5 years by popular voted (used to have an electoral college, but that has since been dissolved)
  • Announces new laws, but does not create or sign them into law
  • Can dissolve French National Assembly
  • Is commander-in-chief of the Armies
  • Appoints the Prime Minister (but cannot dismiss him)
  • Appoints most officials
  • Can grant pardons
  • The differences between the governments do not stop simply with the heads of state. Both have extremely different basic structures.

What Could have been done differently is that our communication could have been stronger with each other. The collaboration could have gone more smoother. What really worked out was that we stayed in contact with each other for the most part sending emails back and fourth, However that could have gone more smoother then it did.  

One major tip I would give always work with your partners. Don’t let them do the majority of the work. If they end of leaving you for a long period of time do your best to contribute in making sure things go smoothly.

France election 2012: how the presidential poll worksHappens every 5 years
contains two rounds however who ever has the most votes in the 1st round wins
each of the candidates start out with 153, 000 votes from the state