France V.s Columbia


The 5-point framework was somewhat straightforward, however the stuff that was harder to find was the friendly trade partners or friendly neighbors.   For example when I was trying to find friendly neighbors for France that was not straightforward. I had to keep searching for different for websites. What helped me answer this was Wikipedia and I found out that there were unfriendly trade partners in the 1900’s however after this time period France did work out their issues with them. As of now there are France is friendly with a lot of trade partners.  The process that I took to do this benchmark was that I sometimes I used Wikipedia to gain the understanding to history and used other sites that branched off that site. Also what I did was that I had to read the heading of each website to see what was going to be useful.  In order to complete this benchmark the countries that I used was comparing France and Columbia. France is my election country and Columbia was used for a previous project to I just decided to use that information that was gathered.  I should have spent more time on this and made things more creative then I did.