From Monologues To A Play

This series of monologues (now turned into more of a play form) tell a short story about the people of Zimbabwe when they were in a great time of need. The country was one a bit of a turn when the people started to lose their homes and get most of their money taking a way from them. At the time money was becoming less of a problem because the people that were left behind had to pay the hospital with food in order to survive and receive the type of care that is needed. The people of the land blamed Mugabe for their problems but his intentions are to clear his name.

Title: Footprints Aren’t The Only Thing Left Behind In Zimbabwe

By: Aja Wallace

Cast of Characters

  • Chenzira-An old man who is age 65 his name means born while traveling. Which happened when he was younger his mother had him in the back of an old truck while they were on their way to Kadoma then Chinhoyi. Ever since then his family stayed moving from place to place and took up same habits when got older even.
  • Robert Mugabe- Is the president of Zimbabwe, he is 87 years old.
  • Gamba- Is a 14 year-old boy his name means warrior. He has gone through a bit of things in his life but the Falling point of Zimbabwe was the biggest thing yet.
  • Dakarai-Dakarai is a 12-year-old girl and her name happens to be a boy name. The name is of that gender because she was the fifth child of her parents and is the only girl her. Dakarai’s parents came up with the names before she was born they told themselves they would keep the name even if she were a girl. She is now aware that her parents were not too happy with her birth so she takes her anger out on others.
  • Sheba -Is a 13-year-old girl who is an extra character for Dakarai’s part.



In Zimbabwe when Robert Mugabe was President. Starts off during the day and as time goes on different day occur.


Act 1 Scene 1

 (Curtains open: Day time Lights: Curtains open Chenzira downstage center, sitting on the dirt road watching the cars go by and counting them under his breath with small lip gestures and he moves his head up and down to match the cars going by. Speaking with slight sick tone. With a dusty dirty bag with Salted Groundnuts in it. With an open wound on his left leg between his calf and ankle, not covered.)



So um they left us, just left us to die. Not to live only to die......Then they want to take all da  money away.......Yea, they wanna make us pay in food. I know it sound crazy. Not even real. When I first heard it I thought they was jokin’.

(Gets excited and starts to cough then clears his throat deeply)  

They don’t even use it! They got that food lookin like a giant sand dune of unshelled nuts in dat hospital’s cavernous chapel. See they care more about the food their getting then the medical care of the people.

(Brings his left hand up to his waist then shakes it to all of the Syllables in the next sentence. Then brings both of his hands to his sides.)

They literally, are providing medical services for peanuts I still can’t even believe it.... So um now I’m sittin’ on the road left with no where to go and of course nuttin’ to eat, I’m so sick, that even if there was a job out there for me anywhere I can’t even work. To make things better I havta take this

(Holds up above his had with his right hand, a dusty dirty bag of Salted Groundnuts then puts it down.)

Little bit of food I do got to da hos-pital to save my life.

(Shouts with lots of anger)

What little life I got left! So for the idiot who said choosing food over money is stupid, stupid,.... was stupid, well you know what I mean.....

(Shakes his head kind of fast for three second, then walks to Left center stage and sits with his knees in his chest with the bag of nuts still clutched in his right hand.)


 (Coming from upstage right Dakarai, Gamba and Sheba are running down stage right then over to Chenzira and Dakarai kicks dirt on Chenzira.)


 (Chenzira stats breathing heavy while staring at the kids with a puppy dog eyed face. Then starts to move his mouth to pretend he is talking to himself while one fear falls out of his right eye. He lets that tear run and fall to it can’t be seen anymore then waits to see what the kids do next. He slows his breathing down and puts on a face of confidence.)

 (Dakarai, Gamba and Sheba approach him. Dakarai and Sheba start to laugh at him then two of them ran off to up stage right, turn around and look at Chenzira for two seconds then leave the stage. Gamba stays and pulls out a piece of cloth from his pocket with the two letters RM on the bottom right hand corner of it. Robert Mugabe’s cloth. He then gave it to Chenzira and walks down stage right when he gets their he puts the cloth in his right pocket and pats the pocket twice.)  


See those damn’in kids don’t even know, they won’t even stop for those areas dat don’t got functionin’ hospitals, the cholera epidemic got to those people. Just like when all that talk started about deporting undocumented Zimbabweans because of their working permits.

(Fanning his right hand to the air twice then puts it back down.)

Man I’ll tell ya…but that cholera the, killed more than 2,000. See they don’t even care. Tough luck isn’t even a way to put it.... No you can’t fool me to think everything is just gonna change over night because you tell me the US-based group called for the UN to take control of the health service. They just gonna make us poorer by tellin’ us to bring more peanuts to them. I know, you think how would I know but they seen everything fall apart. Yessss, they did nothin’. All they do is take, take, take and expect us to give, give, and give. The only gift we truly get is death from the sick and no food to eat. For those who family is nowhere to be found they just died of disease and if not they just go and do somethin’ crazy..... Yea there are a lot of people that need food, if you tryna be an aid, eleven million to be exact.

(Spoken very slowly)

We have no phone service and no electricity all we want is to live, but no they take the one gift we get from God.

(Stands up slowly as he is yelling with anger and hitting both his fist against his chest with a steady beat.)

Nobody care for me, nobody care for us. No-body. We just da Zimbabwean people, I know I see the looks on the faces. Everybody think cause I’m old I don’t know what I’m taking about but oh you damn well be-lieve I do.

(Deep laugh)

Hahahahaha cuz Robert is the one to blame...  

(Passes out and light goes out left stage center. As the lighters are going to upstage right waiting for Robert’s arrival, Chenzira gets up and walls off stage. Curtains close )

Act 1, Scene 2

 (Curtains open:Enters from upstage right, then walks down stage center and lights come on with an office setting with the sound of Laughing Dove birds in the background. Robert then starts speaking in a nervous tone and twitching his right hand by his side)



For being the second president of Zimbabwe I know I am doin’...doing. A very good job. Not something everybody can just say. To rule against the white minority is a powerful thing. See, leaving people behind thing was only something that had to be done there was no other way. Any other way would have been the wrong way.

(Robert starts to sounds less nervous and the sound of the Laughing Doves stops in the background)

To fix everything to make it right we as a whole had to make everything the way it is suppose to be. I suppose you, want to know how the people felt, they were okay with it. They didn’t mind what was going on. While all of this is going on I’m living just fine. I happen to like, no I happen to love the life I live.

(Stops shaking his right hand then stats to shake the left hand. Then starts to look around as if he was being watched)

See when I went to prison I really think that gave me a different outlook on life and all the things it has to offer. I can have any and everything, everything I want in life and I’m just doing to take it, why because I have the right to do so. I have a nice house and I’m very happy so everybody else should be too.
(The lights go off upstage right, and Robert is walking off stage.)

 (Chenzira comes back on stage and walks to the center of the stage the lights start out dim on him then get lighter. When Chenzira gets to the center of the stage he sits there looking around. Then lays down with his head facing down)

Act 1, Scene 3

 (Sun Set Lights: Dakarai and Sheba are walking back and starting to mess with the old man. They start to stare at the old man to see if he moves because they think he’s dead staring in awe. DAKARAI starts to speak both Dakarai and Sheba are standing next to the Chenzira. The Dakarai starts to speak.)



He’s dead look at him jus’a lyin’ there. Ain’t doin’ nuttin. Look at dat fly on is leg, its about to eat his meat right out his leg! Hey lets poke him wit a stick and see if he bleeds more. Then again lets not we don’t wanna get what ever he done got. Yea that smart man disease. Thinkin’ he know everything, about everything. He don’t no much of nothin’. Nothin’ about nothin’. Ha! Ha! nothin’ about nothin’. Yup that’s what he knows. Betcha he didn’t know Sr. Wantsalot hahah…. Mugabe was trained as a teacher in a Roman Catholic school. Got peoples thinkin’ he into that religion stuff but don’t wanna help people in need. Religious man?...Praying for people?...Helping the people? Nope ! He sure ain’t help us. Ha! Ha! Us, dat man, nobody tat all. All he want it stuff dats gonna make him happy and take away the money everybody once used. Got us layin’ on dirt roads. Fightin’ of them skeetoes in the nights. And he up there…somewhere, somewhere nobody knows sleepin’ like a lil baby.

(Sheba echoes Dakarai and Sheba’s voice is a little louder then Dakarai’s)

Betcha, betcha,

(Dakarai speaks again, by herself)

Man don’t know, after he come from jail he wanted da white man farmland too. Aahahah yeaa, mama told me bout dat one. Taken the land from a white man don’t make you no bigger and better but he seem ta think so. Betcha he didn’t know, just betcha he didn’t know he da whole reason why nobody was gettin’......em-ployt, employ.....JOB!...ahahah yea.

(Both of the children exit out upstage left together and skip while they’re leaving. Curtains close.)

Act 2 Scene 1

 (Curtains open:Night Time Lights: Down stage right the lights come on and Robert enters the stage from the right wing and walk to upstage center and as he is walking there the light is coming to meet him at upstage center. Standing in his house all alone in front a window, the window is on the wall upstage center, with the glare of the moon shinning in his face. Staring out a window looking at the moon with a blank face. With a big mirror reflecting his face and torso to the audience.)


Everybody who’s anybody think they all know me. Think they all have me figured out. I laugh at you all. You all get to thinking I don’t have a heart, Oh! but I do. I have loved and lost. I was married to Sally Hayfron and her kidney gave out before her heart was supposed to. Tough time for me almost reminds me of my childhood,

(Mild chuckle, then sighs)

Yea, my siblings and I always had the hope of growing up to become a nun. Mom was a passionately religious woman.


Which brings me back to 1934,Michael,..... my brother, he was only fifteen, and he died,...


Wasn’t easy at all the considering the fact my mother fell apart. His death was so traumatizing it’s freshly in my mind with vivid description. It was something that nobody, I mean nobody wants to go through....... Those dishes, cause of the enema Father O’Hea had to inject and. …those dishes, I remember the exact spot where they were with Michael’s pieces of intestines in them. All of this because...

(Two sniffs and starts to cry a little)

Nobody was willing to take him to the hospital for the proper care he was in need of..... They said no they can’t take him cause mom wasn’t home but dad wasn’t either but dad was never there...., never so mom was all we had. So everybody said no they couldn’t take him to the hospital because they would have had to cut him open there. All I wanted was my brother to live, but instead I got he gruesome memories of his body in bowls.... Yea I know it wasn’t even about me but because of that I’ve been scared ever since. Then I became the oldest and I had so much, so much stuff to help out with.

(Turns to the audience, yells and sniffles between every word)

It was so hard for me!

(Lights go off up stage center)

Scene 2

 (Next day, 6am Day Lights: Lights come on right stage center, Chenzira walks on stage from the left wing, with a bag in his right hand. He goes to right stage center and starts filling up a small holy bag, full of rocks. Moving at a steady paste. Then he starts to walk all around in circles and squatting every time he finds the rock he is looking for. Also looking up at the audience from time to time. Taking to himself with a slight mumble. The walks to down stage center.)

 (Walking out to down stage right and sits Indian style facing Chenzira and listening to him. Lights shinning on both Gamba and Chenzira)  




(Sigh, then starts talking to Gamba)

Yea cuz’a I know what er’body don’t know but once I tell you, five minutes later you gonna be done said, cha knew it!

(Starts speaking fast)

And dat ain’t e-ben fair to me cuz then chu gonna be goin' round sayin’ dat old man crazy

(Starts speaking at a regular pace.)

..........But right now chu and nobody else don’t know nuttin when, I knowed it. So I hear some people talk about it... Yea those things we ain’t pose to mention.....

 (Gamba moves his mouth and frowns his eyebrows as if he is asking a question but no words come out of his mouth, just movement and Chenzira makes an annoyed tone)

Well uh I dunno why they mention them.

(Back to his regular voice.)

...Yea?...Yea. Them voices,

(Shaking his head as if he is agreeing with someone)

I hear them and they told me too. They told me about it,

(In a whisper, and squats down to Gamba)

Sssshhh. Now look’a hear just cause them voices be tellin’ me stuff don’t me you can go on tellin da whole world.

(Back to regular tone of voice and sits Indian style next to Gamba)

But you prolly gonna go on an do it anyways....ain’t chu boy?!....... They say about the death of Michael, Mugabe’s brother and how Mugabe became his mother favorite child when he was gone. Cause she done gone and went crazy.  So then she wanted the little ole shy child to become everything she wanted him to become. They say it was a lot for him to live up to since he was so sensitive and what not. Then they say he became a bookworm because he got teased when he was younger by his friends fo bein’ sucha mama’s boy. Cuz he was sucha mama’s boy he couldn’t even fight to keep dem books in his hand.....but everybody think cause I’m old I don’t know what I’m taking about but oh you damn well be-lieve haha, I do....Haahah


What’s cho name mean boy? Cuz if you ain’t figure it out by now I can tell’ja what it mean....and uh before I forget don’t come round here lookin fo me no more........Cause I heard of some place up da road bouta, uh, 2,3,4..uh 3, 4 miles up the road on foot. So I’m gonna be goin dere to see what kinda stuff they got in store for us. Wanna see they gonna help us in this time of

(Puts hands up and makes air quotes for the word need, along with a slight grin)

“need”.....Yea, I know everybody sayin’ that place ain’t but no good. But,

(Mild chuckle)

Can’t be no worse then what we got here on them dirt roads over there. I be eatin’ dinner out the dargone trash can for god sake....I miss them good old days. When I had a house wasn’t what most people would like to have, but I called it home.
That place never done me wrong it was always there, everyday of the year. I ‘memeber one morning waking up and looking at the ceiling, it was warm the day, the cool breeze trickled down from my head to my toes. It was a sudden rush you get, like when you on the beach just relaxing. Then out of nowhere you get to fill that cool ocean breeze.....Yeaaa I know its nice itn’t it?... Yea, everybody say that, I know nobody can get enough of it...but that’s not important I have to go on now and get ta walkin’.

Scene 3

(Noon/Miday Lights: Speaking to the old man. Still sitting on the ground in Indian style.)

Huh?...My name? name is ain’t no cat  got my tongue. Just nobody neva cared nuff to asked dats all. Cuz I’m all older and nice they just think im nothin’ but a big mamas’s boy.

(Trying to make eye contact with Chenzira but squinting because of the glare of the sun.)


Same thing they thought about Mugabe. Some lil mama’s boy who all soft and can’t do nothin’. But see I was doin’ something my name means well idunno but I’ll think of something if you ain’t tellin’ me, Well I’m 14 so that should make some difference in how people treat me but nope, it don’t not one bit. Come to think of it Mugabe was only four year younger then me when he had to be at his strongest. See he so set on doing big things and I know I can’t do big things.....How I know?.....Cuz I’ve tried the only

(Holds hands up and using air quotes when he says big thing)

“Big thing” I can do is take a crap. Wait nope, not even do that cause sometimes I cry to my mom, so I can’t even do that. See I can’t do nothin. Nothin at all......Oh,
(Spoken as if he is asking a question)
my name
(Spoken regular)
(Lights go off on them as they walk upstage left and exit stage out the left wing. Curtains close)

Act 3, Scene 1

 (Curtains open:Day 4pm Lights: Enters from right wing. Walks down to center stage, in a brightly lit office typing on the computer, sitting at a large desk. Talking out loud to himself as he gets his paper work done.)



This work is always more everyday I step foot in this office, I finish one thing and bam! There’s another. Tryin’ to make so many deals and bargains. See and everybody really use to think I was a mama’s boy but look where it got me. It’s a funny thing.

(Turning his both his eyebrows in and down and putting his left hand on his chin with his below on the desk.)

To those of you that already know me, this will simply be a joyous refresher of your cherished memories of me. To those with the still unfulfilled desire to know me better, I welcome you to an intimate glimpse of Mugabe” See I went to jail for “subversive speech” and I only want the white mans land because I don’t trust them....Put me in jail. That was not even right.

(Lights go off of center stage. The desk is removed)

Act 3, Scene 2

(Enters from the left wing then runs to the center of the stage then falls to the ground on his knees, looking lost and looking around very fast. With big tears coming down his eyes)


Chenzira! Chenzira! Where?.....Where is Chenzira...Did they see the art of Mugabe and think he did it?... They saw that artwork that was insulting to him, but how could they think the Chenzira did it?..... There is no way they can blame him for such things. He just didn’t want to see these things happen to these people. He has lived on this land for so many years and to see it come to and end hurt him down to his heart....The people with the news cameras come around and see Chenzira talking about Mugabe and as soon as something is displayed they think he did it!....Wait I know where Chenzira went to the place

(Walks to down stage left then knocks on the door facing the left wing, talking to a pretend person who opens the door.)

Have you seen and old guy

(Holds up arms until he can’t reach anymore)

About, this tall, really old with a limp to his right leg, 5 gray patches on his head and shinny fake eye with a big black and purple scare going through it......Down the hall?.... What do you mean he’s suppose to be down the hall but you don’t know where he is…..okay okay Thank you, for the help you didn’t give.   

(Sun Set Lights: Walks around the stage, down stage right and down center throwing rocks. Then he moves to left stage center throwing the rock directly across from him to right stage center. He begins the sounds of the rock hitting the ground is not longer happening it is move of a thump sound. Gamba then walks over to right stage center and removes the covers thinking he has found Chenzira.)  

More covers, how nice, you told me you were going to be here it was like you lied to me for no reason, no reason at all. I was all worried about you, got thinkin’ somethin’ happened to you....Your not here!....Yes that’s sounds like the guy I was lookin’ for....well idunno where he is! That’s whyyy Ugghhhhhhh. Okay, well he said he was gonna be here, I can only go by what he tells me.....Well no, I dunno where you are,

(Spoken as if asking a question)

I guess he thought he couldn’t trust me.

(Sigh, speaking regular and his eyes start to water)

Yea, he must to have wanted to protect himself who wouldn’t in this world.

 (Mugabe walks into the room from the left wing, over to Gamba)


Guess what, I heard you screaming about that old guy and I’m willing to help you look for him if you’re looking for help. Or should I say want my help...Yea, because I’ve heard dome not so nice things said about me and I have to start fixing thing around here and for starters lets make those watery eyes go away......Yea, have to fix this and I want to, so cry no longer and sorry I can’t wipe your tears with my initial   cloth but I seem to have lost it when I was on the go trying to take care of business. For a while I never a lost it and I didn’t even care now I want it back. My mom gave it to me when I was younger.

(Mugabe looks at Gamba waiting for his next move)

 (Spots and picks up a piece of paper on the ground with his eyes and opens it, then begins to reads in a whisper.)



Warrior, cuz...Ima...a warrior

(Speaks louder and waves the paper in the air)

A warrior

(Speaks in a regular tone again and puts the paper in his right pocket and pats the pocket twice.)

I’m a warrior Chenzira says, that’s what my name means.  

(Lights go off of Gamba and Mugabe and they wall to upstage right and exit out the right wing. Curtains close)

Act 3, Scene 3

 (Curtains open: Night Time Lights: Enters from the left wing. Walking to down stage right, with a drink in his right hand half drunk. Walking with a slight wobble. With another liquor bottle in his left pocket.)


Everything was not so easy I hate when people think life is always easy.

(Screaming to the night sky, with his left hand in a fist throwing it to the sky.)

You are all dummies.

(Talking to the audience as he walks down stage right and down stage left back and forth in a timely manner.)

I’ve been on top before and it was swweettt, man was it oh, so friggin’, sweet! But then came Mugabe taking everything from me.

(Drinks some of the liquor in his hand, lets it drip on his chin and doesn’t wipe it.)

We were neck and neck

(Big deep belch)

Then the crowd was quiet but then they just wouldn’t shut up cause Mugabe was talking so the kept a clappin’ and clappppiinnn’

(Screaming to the night sky)

Damn you all.

(Talking to the audience as he continues to walk down stage right and down stage left back, forth in a timely manner)

When I got up there they were quiet, ahaha or is it that I’m so drunk I can’t even remember what the crowd did from me ahaha but anyways. Yea there were all those, white, black, tan, orange and brown faces. Every last one of them was just there. Then

(Stops walking and sits down stage center on the corner of the stage so his feet dangle off the stage and starts talking to the bottle.)

That guy, don’t know who he was but he knew what he was talking about, wait no he didn’t

(Drinks from the bottle again, this time some falls out of his mouth on his chin and he wipes it with his left hand.)

Cause she, he said Mugabe was da new president. I tried to act like I don’t care but I did, but day just made me so made and he that guy who told everybody Mugabe was the president, he done lied to me. Told me he was my friend I found my new friend.

(With unsteady finger points at the bottle of liquor and shakes his head as if he is dizzy.)

Yea, yyooouuu. You never lefffft me, you were always there, you new I nnneeddedd chu. ‘Memeber that time we lost the house and I was drinkin’ you so I didn’t really care but then I neededdd more of you so I gave my clothes away to get more of you

(Smiles a big Kool-aid smile)

I had so much more of you, even doe in da morings you wasn’t always so nice. Then those jealous people was tryin to make me get rid of you, but

(Tears fall down his face and stats to yell)

I wasn’t about to do that!

(Speaks in slight drunk voice, no longer yelling)

I listened to your whispers so closely, ever so close....I ‘member those nightsss tossing and turning because I was sick and you were all I had. I needed you everyday and you were the only one that understood me. Like no utter. And I know why this happened he told them...Mugabe that’s who, told them, that I was a drunk but I didn’t


Need it everyday until I lost I just didn’t know what to do with myself. I was a screw up. Dats what me pa use to call me when I didn’t do things right all the time.

(Drinks the rest of the bottle then pulls out another bottle from his left pocket, opens it hold his head up and drinks it all, belches and pass out as the light fade away from him. He then rolls off stage but stays in front of down stage center and passes out.)

(Next day, Day Light: Gamba and Mugabe are walking and looking for Chenzira, outside. Mugabe walks to right stage center and stands there.)


Chenzira ! Chenzira!


Go home boy!

(Yells from off stage, while he is down stage center. Gamba then runs to up stage left and stands there to cry.)


I hear you boy cryin’ go home I’m not about to tell you one more gin.

 (Gamba then runs to the left wing to exit. A dumpster is pushed out to down stage right, the front part of the dumpster is cut off so the audience can see inside it. Chenzira then gets back on the stage and climbs into the dumpster but no light are on him. Curtains close)

Act 4, Scene 1

 (Curtains open: Lights come on down stage left: Mugabe walks to downstage left and starts to walk slightly back and forth.)



Now I see how you think this is my fault all these things happening but it is not. So you know I want to clear my name to show you that I am not such a bad person..Yes


I do have my ways just as much as the next man, and yes sometimes I might not think of other people from time to time if I’m trying to do something to benefit myself.

(A chair is put down stage left; he walks to it and sits down, and crosses his arms)

See where outside and I’m not so high up in class....... How do I know?...I-I just sat in this dirty chair with, only lord knows what’s at the bottom of it.

(Light goes off left stage off Mugabe. Curtains close)


Act 4, Scene 2

 (Curtains open:Right stage: Lights turn on Chenzira, sitting in black oil in an open dumpster with liquor bottles in both of his hands, one under both his arms, one under his neck, one between his knees and one between his feet. But he is talking to the one in his left hand)



You don’t even know the meaning of dirty and then if you went’a touching on something that was dirty you’d get the thinking you know what’s it’s like to not have everything all the time......Hahaha, yes that’s what I would tell Mugabe if I saw him...but I’m telling you..

(Slightly shakes the left hand)

I don’t want to be found. Well ain’t like nobody cares about me, well maybe Gamba but I didn’t even tell him what his name mean....and means warrior too.


I never even told him…. Little man


He jus keep on. He ain’t even give up on me, like everybody else did. Ain’t turn his head not once when he saw the dirt road was my home.... Being nice when those there other two kids wasn’t.

(Lights goes off down stage right off Chenzira)


Act 4, Scene 3

 (Lights come on down stage left on Mugabe, still sitting in the chair now talking to himself)


Where are you were could you be, I told that little boy I would help find you. I’m sitting here saying little boy and I forgot to ask his name.

(Light goes off right stage off Mugabe)

Act 4, Scene 4

(Sun Set Lights: Lights turn on down stage right on Chenzira in the dumpster. Still talking to the bottle in his left hand whispers)



(Back to regular volume when talking)

That’s what his name means, I can’t get over it that I never got the chance to tell him.... but how could I forget I saw him everyday..., good kid, good kid.... So how would you help me, … us, the people of Zimbabwe...Or when are you going to start getting back some of the money? Or When you see these things does it remind you of your childhood?.....Yea

(Slightly shaking his head up and down)

Stuff like that I would ask Mugabe, if I saw him.

(Light goes off down stage right off Chenzira. Curtains close.)


Act 4, Scene 5

(Curtains open:Lights turn on down stage left on Mugabe who is now taking to the audience. While moving his hands as he talks)


See I would help the people fix everything; I’m not such a bad guy. When I look at Zimbabwe now, it brings me back to my childhood with those hard tough days. All the things that were the hardest. I remember waking up feeling like I lost, lost what?...lost, lost like I was losing at life. Then I realized you only lost when you think you can’t win. So I put all that negative thinking aside....

(Talking/Yelling out to stage right)

See nobody, not a near single man or woman from Zimbabwe has to feel like they lost.

(Light goes off down stage left off Mugabe)


Act 4, Scene 6

 (Lights come on down stage right Talking/Yelling out to stage left)



So make me feel like I won.

(Chenzira stands up and all the bottle fall to the bottom of the dumpster. He reaches in his right pocket pulls out Mugabe’s cloth and throws it to down stage left. Then falls to the bottom of the dumpster and he stops breathing. The lights fade from Chenzira side of the stage as the dumpster is being taking away being pulled into the right wing to exit.)

(Mugabe stands up and spots the cloth, he picks it up holds it in both of his hands and outs it over his heart. Then the lights fade off of him, stage gets dark and he exits throw the left wing. Curtains close)

Act 5, Scene 1

 (Curtains open:Night Time lights with one big shinning starts: Gamba walks bout on stage entering from the left wing. He then starts walking slowly to down stage center. With Chenzira’s dusty dirty bag of Salted Groundnuts. Gamba is rubbing his thumb back and front on the top of the bag as he sighs and begins to open his mouth and is hesitant to speak. He sits on the ground, and then he slowly brings his knees up to his chest and wraps his arms around them. Tilts his head to the right slightly frowns and exhales and looks up a the night sky.)


Whoa is that a star?...I think it is, I never saw one start in a night sky like that before until now.

(Gamba stops looking at the sky, then more stars appear in the sky, and Gamba gives a slight laugh under his breath)

It’s so beautiful, got that twinkle to it. Reminds me of the way my Zimbabwe use to be. My land, are land,

(Picks up some dirt in his left and lets if fall out)

This land. Now you have to fix it, we have to fix it and we will fix it. Let us not blame anybody for it now. We come together. I don’t wanna wake up with my face in the dirt of a blanket dat I don’t know who it belongs to. I want my home and I know you do too. My family live wit nothing now. And you think I want you to feel sorry for me, no. I want you to help us to find somewhere to live. My grandpa use to tell me stories and even though he use to drink too much I never gave up on him and now he’s gone but I saw that paper he wrote, had that crazy writin’ of said you’re a warrior Gamba.

(Starts to cry a little)

Guessin’ he wrote it for me an left before he hand the chance to put it in my hand, but good think I found it right.

(Stops crying and sniffles three times.)

I didn’t know how he saw that in me. Then I look and I never stop thinkin’ no given up. Thesedirt roads need not have people on them in the night or the day. These roads

(Stands up and walks down stage right to down stage left as he speaks)

Are not for the feet of newborn babies or for the feet of my brothers and sisters or for the feet of the older. It is feet for


No one!

(Back to regular tone of speaking)

No one. So Mugabe and all da people of the land are goin’ to work together to fix this land no matter how long it takes. Give me food, give me life...Who am I you ask....

(He walks back to down stage center, stops and looks at the crowd, and pick up the dusty dirty bag of Salted Groundnuts and shakes it to every words he says in the last sentence.)

…..I am Gamba, so, Chenzira say,

(Puts head down as light fade out and turn off on the stage and curtains close.)


Act 3, Scene 3 Video of the character Chenzira played by Manna