From Uglies to Beautifuls

A world filled with creatures who have eyes, hands, feet- the same characteristics as a human; but are not human beings. They're called Uglies. It's ironic because once they become teenagers, they become Beautifuls. When they are Uglies, they are: ugly, shy, and confused. Once they metamorphasize into Beautifuls, they are: beautiful, friendly, talkitive, energetic, loving, and... gain power. No, not that, “I'm stronger because I'm older” kind of power. They actually gain super powers. Crazy, I know. What's even crazier is that, I fell in love with Greig who was a Beautiful. He didn't tell me he was, not until he propsed. There is a consequence when you marry a Beautiful, you begin to gain super powers. I gained the power of invisibility. I'm telling you a little too much of the endings and not the beginings. So let me tell you how I came to know of Greig and how exactly it is I fell in love with him.

The day I met Greig was quite hilarious. I met him at Shoprite. As I was picking fresh tomatoes at the produce section isle 1, a man came up to me awkwardly, 

“You are beautiful, mami!” Damn all spanish speakers. Is it just me that gets annoyed when someone calls me mami, or am I the only one? I would have been polite only if he had not ended it with “mami”. 
“I didn't know I was your mom. Ugly b*tch!” 
“Who you think you talkin' to, ma?” 
“I AM NOT YOUR MOTHER. Now leave me alone.” 
“Can't a brother get your number though?” and that is when Greig comes along raising his voice up, “Hey man, she's my girl. Now if you could kidly leave, I'd appreciate it.”
I was in dismay. Who would want me as their girlfriend?, I thought to myself. As I kept trying to figure out if it was one of my friends, I turned around to see who it was. I saw a man in his mid twenties, nice medium cut long hair, aqua blue eyes, and a fit body. I agreed saying in my most convincing voice, “See, this is why I wanted you to leave. My boyfriend John gets pissed off when other guys hit on me.” What a gullible being, the man believed me and simply responded, “Oh, my bad. Have a nice day y'all.”, and left. After he left we both laughed for a good 5 minutes. 
“You're a great liar!” 
“As are you...uhm- what's your name?” 
“Oh right, how could I have forgotten to introduce myself. I'm Greig, and you are?” 
“I'm Cataleya. Nice to meet you. Thanks for pretending to be my boyfriend!” 
“Oh no problem, I save girls lives, that's what I'm known for.” “Haha, clever of you to say.” 
“I try, I try. I need to get going now, I left my dog at the house, I must go and take him out for a walk! May I have your number?” HE JUST ASKED FOR MY NUMBER, MY NUMBER. 
“Of course you can have it!” I gave him my number along with a hug.

I knew that it was too good to be true. Who was I kidding, a guy with perfect looks going for me? My friends would always joke about how I would become a nun, and I'm starting to believe I will. In the beginning of December I received a phone call from Greig. “Hey Cataleya!” I didn't recognize his voice. It was about 3 months since I met him. “Mathew, is it you?” I asked confused. “No silly, it is Greig. Do you remember me?” 

“Oh. The man who's job is to save girls lives. I do remember!”
He giggled, “Yup, that's me! I was calling to see if you would be interested in going on a date with me tomorrow night at Red Lobster. I'll text you the address.”
To not make myself seem desperate I pretended to have plans. “Hmm. Let me check my calendar. Just a second. Perfect, I have nothing planned for tomorrow so, yes I will take your offer. See you tomorrow night!” 
“Okay great Cataleya. See you tomorrow night.” Once I hanged up the phone I realized I did not have a dress to wear. Since I was bored anyway, I decided to go to the mall to see if I could buy one. After hours of searching for one, I found the perfect dress. Tick-tock, tick-tock, I was counting down the hours that were left until my date. 3 o'clock, 4 o'clock, 5 o'clock, and it was time to go to Red Lobster. I got there early, I didn't want to make a bad first impression. Dinner was nice. We talked for about 2 hours straight, then ate. And all of a sudden, as he was drinking his Fanta orange soda, he had to leave. He used the same excuse as last time, “I left my dog at the house, I must go and take him out for a walk, sorry!”. After that he called and apologized. I forgave him of course. But after a while, it made me suspicious. I didn't want to ask him if something was wrong so I waited for him to let me know what was happening. Monday morning he called me to ask for us to meet at Municipal Park; he sounded worried. I agreed to meet him at 5 o'clock sharp. He wasn't there on time. I waited for an hour, and as I was getting ready to leave he showed up saying, “Wait, don't leave just yet.” I sat back down on the bench and asked, “Is everything alright?” 
“No, not at all.” 
“Why, what's wrong?” 
“Promise me you will not walk away.” 
“I won't. I promise.” This is when the explanation of him being a Beautiful began He told me that his kind was not permitted to mate with humans. He also let me know that for those who do mate with humans, are killed by their mother. I was a little scared to know that I've been interacting with a non human being for the past 8 months, but surprisingly, I did not care. I loved Greig, from the second I met him, so why should I be scared now? He was running late, I saw it in his eyes. 
“I love you Cateleya. I will always be here. Just look up at the moon as I will be watching the moon every night. He kissed me, and that was it, he didn't even bother giving me the excuse of having to go walk his dog because I knew the truth already.

Three years passed. It was my 28th birthday, 12 o'clock sharp. And I was looking at the moon remembering how sweet and sincere Greig sounded when he said the words “I love you.”. I heard a voice that sounded just like Greig. When I was thinking about him saying “I love you.”, he was behind me whispering “I love you”. 

“Holy crap, it IS you!”, I reacted. “Shouldn't you go back to Moonapia before they come and find you?” 
“We don't have to worry about me being killed anymore@ There are new rulers in Moonapia that have permitted for Beautifuls to mate with Humans.”
 He got on one knee and said, “Will you marry me Cataleya?” Tears of happiness fell down my cheeks. “Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, a million times yes!” Jokingly we call ourselves the fantastic 4. We have a daughter Casey who has the power to teleport, a son who is incredibly fast, and as for me-I can become invisible when ever I want to, and Creig has always has the power to read minds.