Fuente de la Juventud

The purpose of this project, is to teach Noah and other viewers how to speak spanish, at least at a spanish one level. We are going to help you and other understand spanish by using a connection type of video, which gives you real life situations that some may relate to. In our lessons you will learn how to conjugate verbs, the alphabet, count, and also how to speak simple words. Our goals were to help you learn how to use spanish words to ask where something is, and basic Spanish one terms. We put our script and our video in a certain form that we and others would understand too. For our final product, I think the group is most proud of the fact that we were able to pull off this project despite that obstacles we encountered. If given the chance to start over, I'd like to get things together ahead of time or at least on task, that way we don't have to rush everything at the end.