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Blog 1  is all my initial research.  I found most of my sources during this time, and layed out all the basic information I could find on school funding, for example why we are missing funds, and I touched on how the more money spent on each student has a big impact on the quality of their education, and in turn how well they do,

In Blog 2 I found out why Philly schools have less money then other school districts even though they are smaller.  Also, I interviewed Mr. Lehmann, and asked him about how a lack of funding has affected our school, and what changes he thinks should be made.  

Right now, I am creating a poster to spread awareness about the current plan of the school district, to get rid of school nurses, like nurse Kelly who is our school nurse today.  Students already need more medical attention, and throwing in someone who we won’t even manage is not the way to go.  My poster tells people what to do to spread awareness, as well as gives a very small summary on some the key points on my topic, which is the problem with school funding.   


Before I found out about the recent events going on with school nurses, I was trying to get in contact with an already established organization, so I would not have to start from scratch.  If I had contacted multiple organization, and gave myself more time, I might have been able to get a hold of one, and do some work there.   However, I am really enjoying the poster idea a lot more than I would have, if I had worked with an organization, and probably just done boring paperwork, and not feel as accomplished.  Now, with my posters, I can make a change in my own school, by putting them up all around.  I am glad we did this project, because it’s one of the onlt things we have done all year that will truly affect anything beyond the information learned in the project.  It gave us a lot of freedom, and we get to see our work accomplish something hopefully.  

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Emily Stephens (Student 2018)
Emily Stephens

This issue effects so many people, and so many people's futures. School funding is a huge issue, and it means a lot that you are bringing awareness to how desperately we need a change. It was really cool how you focused in on one aspect of funding with the school nurses and making posters is a good way to help raise the level of funding received.

Harrison Wellner (Student 2018)
Harrison Wellner

I really like your final blog post and agent of change. I think this is a really important subject that I really like you are trying to spread awareness of and help solve. I hope that the poster goes well, and I think you did a good job with your third blog post.