G9 Mini Capstone

My most intriguing project of the year would be burning glass in order to make it bend. I had never done it and never thought it could be done. I still remember what I had made.

I wanted to know why does that type of glass is able to be bent when heated, would other class have the same ability to? When I was doing the experiment, I did gather and organize some data. Such as how long it took to actually be able to bend the glass, compared with the timing of my partner’s, Miranda Abazoski. I was part of a great community, which is my class for bio, we help each other, and just support each other when needed. Such as sharing samples, data, etc. I didn’t really do a presentation with that project, it was more of a discussed type of presentation if you want to say it. I enjoyed it, it was one of the first experiments I had done here at SLA, thanks to Mr.Sherif! What I would do differently would be to leave the glass longer in the flames so I can easily bend it more, I noticed that I had to put much force into bending it, because I had took it out too quick.

Overall the experience was great! Throughout the year, almost all the experiments I really did enjoyed.