G9 Science Mini-Capstone


I think the project that I enjoyed the most is the project where we turn a penny to gold by boiling it in sodium hydroxide and zinc, then burning it to make it gold.

Inquiry: In this project, we simply wanted to turn a penny gold. WIth that explained, our abstract for this project was to test out alchemy.

Research: We first studied about the definition of alchemy and what it is. Then, we got a guideline for the experiment and we read over it. Finally, we did the experiment to see how alchemy really works.

Collaboration: For this project, I worked with Ishmael. We helped each other by setting up the experiment because there were a lot of steps.

Presentation: Our project was very effective because we successfully made a penny gold. The guideline helped us out a lot because it gave us the steps to the experiment.

Reflection: If I were to do this experiment again, I would read the directions more carefully because we didn’t have a control and a experimental 1 when we were suppose to.