G9 Science Mini-Capstone

The Alchemy Lab

Inquiry: Before beginning this experiment, Mr. Sherif told us that we will be making gold by using copper. I was excited and wanted to know how copper could be turned into gold.

Research: First we found out what we had to mix for the chemicals to turn the copper gold. We used a lab write up written by our teacher and found out that we needed to heat up salt water, sodium hydroxide, zinc, and copper pennies.

Collaboration: In the beginning, most of the students failed into turning their pennies gold. Therefore we decided to work together and try to correct each other's mistakes.

Presentation: After the lab, we did not really present our gold pennies. The most that we did was show them to peers and compare our gold pennies and how we went through the process of creating them.

Reflection: If I were to do this differently, I would follow the instructions correctly to in order to get the best results that I could get.