Gabby Nigro Capstone

The inspiration in doing this project was the long years of cheering and he amazement of cheerleaders in the movies such as Bring it On. I have been cheering since the age of three until current time today. Although the cheerleading team was not first started by me, but by my sister. I still decided to take the team in my hands. During my junior year of high school I did not know that I was going to take cheerleading on with me to my senior year. This is where I decided I was going to make cheerleading into a project. rather than just a club at SLA. Doing this with the team did not only require me to take a big responsibility, but it made me learn new aspects of cheerleading. When doing cheerleading I was always used to being taught the routine, just being told what money was due, and where each competition was. Now that I took a whole team into my own hands I was the one learning as the process went on. I had to make up a routine then teach it. I also has to deal with all the money and worry about what competition was coming up, and if the girls were ready. During the process of all this the team helped me out a lot giving me ideas and thoughts on the dance. I also worked with girls individually to make up music and lines. My mom helped manage the money and whenever we had to pay or give in a an order she would be the one to help me out the most. When this project started to come to its end I realized everything that was done during this project took dedication and time. I also learned that with dedication and time it would create the greatest cheerleading team. I enjoyed my time and dedication with the girls who put all their effort into the RCA

Rockets cheerleading team. I hope to see one of the girls carry out the hard work that was put in, and keep the team going next year.

RCA Rockets preparing before competition!

After competition pep talk!
RCA Rockets at competition, waiting to compete.
Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 10.56.00 AM
Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 10.56.00 AM

Annotated Bibliography:

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For my project I used this Video. From this video I took the eight count that she did in the video. I used this eight count in my Cheerleading routine. It also breaks it down step by step so I could teach it to the girls.

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This is a video from a cheer camp. I used the one eight count in this video for the beginning of my routine. I turned the eight count into a ripple.

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From this video I took a few eight counts to use to teach to the girls. Not all the eight counts are used in the routine, but the girls know them. I also used one of the teams cheer in this video, not to use but to get an idea of what our cheer would be for this year in the routine.

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This video was one of my favorites to use. It gave me so many ideas on what to do for gymnastics in the routine. I was stuck on what to choose for gymnastics. This video gave me plenty of ideas.

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This really wasn't an interview. This was a meeting with my mentor. In this meeting we talked about possible competitions. We also talked about my capstone. This meeting really helped me realize how to get the girls on the team together and to let them know that it is time to crack down. The meeting helped me bring the team together to cooperate.

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This is the music that was made for the cheerleading season. My friend Howie who is a Dj for many events, and also makes the New Years brigades music put this together. He took a few recent songs and mixed them together. He added sound effects and voice overs to make is special just for the RCA rockets.

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Using this website and also the magazine it gave me and the team an idea for what type of uniforms we wanted. This also gave me an idea of price ranges and different kind of package deals we could use.

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This is another magazine that I used to get different ideas of prices. It gave an idea for which kind of uniforms we wanted to get.

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Bianca was the original person who started the RCA Rockets team. I wouldn’t say that this was such an interview, but when I needed help on things with the team she was who helped me get to what needed to get done. Without her the team would not exist. RCA Rockets would never make it as far as it did.

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This website was found by one of the cheerleaders. It had a very similar type of uniform of the ones we were looking to buy. But on this site we found it for much cheaper. I looked into this site more to see if it was worth buying the uniforms from.

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Sarah is one of the cheerleader’s mom. She was a big help to the team. She came in and helped out with measuring the girls for uniforms. She also gave suggestions of cheaper uniforms, and was helping to get the ordering of the uniforms completed.