Gabriella Torres Capstone

For my capstone, I wanted to create a project that displayed a side of myself that is out of the box and shows creativity. while also collaborating with people within the SLA community, from other students to also Alumni who you will see are featured in my project. I was able to create a line of hoodies a mock brand of ideas that I wanted to bring to life. The brand name is “Uncovered”. The meaning behind this is to consider the ideas of which I pushed aside and had finally felt was the right time to express. To express the ideas of who I am where everything started and different ideas of myself portrayed within each design. I was able to show a side of myself people don’t regularly see. I learned how to manage within a timely manner. While in the process of acknowledging the process of how to outsource and use it beneficially, allowed me to create my line without trying to break my pockets. I was able to work on this clothing line by brainstorming with a former SLA student who is a graphic designer. This allowed me to bring my creations to life while allowing them to display their artistic work. With that being said it also began to give me exposure to being able to be in charge of planning out an entire photoshoot. Being able to be a director and display work that may be used in the future.