Gallo Pinto

Recipe for Gallo Pinto-
  1. White Rice
  2. Central American Red Frijoles
  3. Onions
  4. Salt/Pepper
  5. Garlic Powder
  6. Vegetable oil
  7. Coconut Milk


  1. Prepare rice and soak beans
  2. They should soak for half an hour
  3. Boil the beans on high until soft. Add garlic and salt.
  4. Prepare and stir Coocnut milk.
  5. Boil rice too until tender
  6. Cook onions in vegetable oil on a skillet
  7. When everything is ready, mix it together and don’t crush the beans.

I mean any meal is sort of processed, if it has more than a single component. Each individual food except the spices is a food that is whole and individual. Beans, rice and beans grow from the ground. The processing component comes from the use of vegetable oil, which is extracted from things like soybean and corn.

We'll the beans I intend to cook with originate from Nicaragua. Rice and beans each grow in warmer climates, rice grows in water. These sources of food adapted and yes evolved based on region because they can be found around the globe growing anywhere consistently warm. Onions are genetically vague, they leave minimal trace of origin but also grow in warmer climates. Researchers suggest they may have been first grown in the middle east.

If the researchers who have insufficient proof are right, that would mean onions traveled furthest to our table. Specifically researchers who suggest Iran as the source of onions. That’s about 6,000 miles away. Nicaragua is half that.

I personally am not sure if my ingredients are organically grown. Specifically the beans. They were sold at a market like setting in a developing country. The rice came in a bag from a United States grocery store and it wasn’t Whole Foods so I assume it probably isn’t. But I have no clue what kind of genes are put into a grain of rice. Onions were more than likely genetically modified to give an appearance to be able to pass into an American grocery store.

This meal is extremely cheap. Not even kidding. A 25 pound bag of rice sells for about 300 cordobas, or ten dollars. The 10 pound bag of beans goes for about 8 dollars. And the onions sell for about 20 cordobas each. About 70 cents.  This is far cheaper and more wholesome than fast food. It’s extremely cheap. That amount can feed you for over a month for like 20 bucks. It’s economical and nutritious as you get grains, carbs, protein and some vegetables in a meal so cheap. The fast food sells for like seven bucks a meal that’s like 2,000 calories. Each food has a USDA standard to meet, except one is juiced up with preservatives, butter, oils and coloring. We'll the fast food corporation is involved. And they’re huge. For my gallo pinto no corporation is involved because it’s some farmers business that’s small. Overall, it’s a very solid food to afford and eat.