Gang Violence - Not a Single Story

In blog post #1, I took an issue in the world and I further developed it to see what could be done to solve it. I focused more on why I was passionate about the topic as well as sources for information. I proved its significance as a valid topic and went into further depth about the issue. I explained the impact that it has on people and why it needs to be solved. Lastly, I had to explain what I wanted to learn going further, and from then I have learned a lot.

Since my last post a lot of new information has been discovered. In my recent findings, I found an organization who not only share my concern for gang violence but they are actually doing something about it. Philanthropy Roundtable is an organization that is combating violence with nonviolence. They offer a lot of programs and take in a lot of donations. I recommend checking out their magazine, Philanthropy Magazine and they have an excellent website as well. Another source that I used I actually reused the website and found a different article. It is an article about gang resistance education and training law from the site US Legal. It is about a program that teaches youth how to protect themselves from threats like gang violence. These programs are focusing on the same type of things that I am. Solving gang violence with nonviolence is the best solution when combating this issue.

In my original research I interviewed one of my classmates. Like me she lives in a neighborhood were gang violence is common. She is affected by gang violence everyday. This helped inform me on my issue because we both have different stories and different memories and live in different neighborhoods. We both have a different perspective on the same issue and are affected by it in similar ways. She informed me on how gang violence effects neighborhoods on a bigger scale. This helps me understand my topic better because it informs me that I am not the only one who realizes that this issue is an issue. It also helps me understand how specifically this issue affects others. With this interview, I am now very informed on the current issue that is gang violence.

After doing a fair amount of research and having a strong opinion on the matter, I feel as though the only way to protect neighborhoods and their citizens from gangs and gang violence is to non-violently inform them so that they can protect themselves. Also I think that putting more patrol cars in sketchy areas is necessary. After all of my research I still am left wondering what is the real reason for one to join a gang? Is there really one solution that solves it all? What can I do as a citizen and as a youth to inform people on this topic? I wanted to see if I could get this information from an expert. Along with my interview with my classmate I was supposed to interview a police officer who specializes in gang violence and gun violence, unfortunately the interview did not work out. Now that I have done all of this research I plan on looking into some of the programs about gang violence and developing my agent of change.

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