Gay is the New Black?- Blog Post 1

​"Gay is the new black" seems to be the new talk of the town in the gay community. A lot of different issues tie into that one quote. For example, a gay advocacy group called out President Obama for being a homophobic. They also accused him for being responsible for "don't ask don't tell" and the openly gay American Idol contestant, Adam Lambert for not winning the competition. You have issues that "popped off" from this saying that kind of rolled off this issue, like the prop 8 being overturned. 
This issue is very important in my eyes. Gays not having their rights reminds me of when blacks were fighting for their rights back in the 1900's. I feel that gay people are not doing anything wrong, they are just expressing how they feel and can't help being gay. Gay people are humans just like everyone else, and can't be perfect. Blacks got discriminated against because of their skin color and gays get discriminated against for their sexuality.
It almost seems to me like it almost hurts some people to see gay people happy. For example, why did they have to overturn the prop 8 law in California? If they want to get married, then they should because they are in love just like a man and a woman would be. People say that "a gay couple shouldn't be able to marry because it is a holy matrimony". However, if they are bringing religion into it, then law shouldn't be related to any of it because that is not aloud. 
Sometimes I sit and wonder what is the real pain that homophobics feel. Is there maybe some pain that they feel from other things in their past, or was it how they were brought up. When I say that "they (being people who are straight) have no reason to discriminate", when I have three cousins that are gay and I am used to having to loving a gay person. 
When I first heard the statement "gay is the new black", I automatically got offended because I am black. I was thinking how can they compare slavery and black rights to being gay? Then I stopped and thought for a while, back in the 1900's, we had to fight for our rights just like gays are having to fight for the right to get married anywhere they would like to. Also, blacks are still to this day discriminated for our color and gays are discriminated against for there sexuality. I would like to enrich my knowledge and understanding of this quote.