Gay is the New Black?- Blog Post 3

​To sum this whole "Gay is the New Black" controversy, gay rights is a civil right. However, should not even be thought about being compared to the black human race. People of African decent have been separated from other races because of their skin color. White people and black people had to be separated in school because of their skin color and the discrimination. However, please sit a think... has there ever been a school for straight people and gay people?

 Dont get me wrong, gays have endured a lot throughout their entire lives. No one asked to be gay. It is a proven fact that people are "Born This Way". I totally think it is wrong for a person to sit down a lecture a homosexual about the wrongs of being gay. I believe that people should be able to do what ever they want to make themselves happy, as long as it is not harming anybody else. People can say that "it hurts to see a gay person because they are so disgusting". However, all it really is, is a person being selfish. I have never witnessed a gay person walking around discriminating against straight people.

The world would be so much of a better place if we could stop worrying about the minor things in life and worry about tackling the bigger issues. Homosexuals are not doing anything to anybody. I believe that gays are just trying to feel comfortable in their own skin. When people discriminate against gays, they are just being a bully and need to go get a hobby because making people miserable for something they cannot help is awful!