Genero Accooe Capstone

For my Capstone I wanted to create an educational CPR and First Aid tutorial for everyone at SLA to use while also conducting classes for around 10 to 20 kids to learn in real life. The video was made in order to cover the SLA population that didn't come to my classes in person. I saw the need for such material after seeing multiple people at this school fall unconscious or injured with no medical assistance immediately available. I know that for some, the first response in these situations is to panic but as we all know that can make things even more dangerous for your surroundings and the victim. My goal is to create a school setting where kids can feel safe and more confident in themselves due to their ability to possibly save one's life. Knowing these skills will definitely have a positive effect on not only the SLA community but Philadelphia as a whole. Aside from police, lifeguards and medical professionals, not a lot of people are aware of specific methods to save one's life and I feel like it would have a positive effect on the community if this knowledge was made more available to the public. At the moment I have conducted 5 lessons and at this point, I hope to conduct about 10 more in the next two weeks and have finished a prototype tutorial to study the camera angles I want to use and the speed in which I can explain these explain some of the procedures. The video should not take much editing but it is essential that I relay the info at with time efficiency in mind and due to that factor I have another video in production at the moment.